My name is Elyse. I am a recent college grad, who is moving out to Boulder, Montana to volunteer with Americorp. I am working with the health department to find out what health needs are being neglected, and how best to fix them.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Elyse.

    Elyse here too. Not only do we have the same name, but we’re also in, well, similar fields. Me, I do drugs. I do them because I love to say that. Actually I work in a small Washington, DC area consulting firm that studies the side effects of drugs.

    I am really impressed that you are working with Americorp. When I was young (I’m now 55) I dreamed of doing the precursor, or the Peace Corp, but I have always had health issues myself and, well, I had to work for health insurance.

    I did get to work at the World Health Organization in Geneva for a few years, though. Saving the world. It was wonderful.

    I read a couple of posts and love your photography.

    OH, and I am originally from CT. East coast all the way.

    • Wow I’m a New Englander originally too (although from Maine). I got in the medical field as an EMT back in high school, and since than I’ve wanted to work as a Doctor/PA. I’m taking a few years off before going back to school for Physican’s Assistant. I’ve been debating about Peacecorps, but I think i need to get skills in public health administration or something like that first.
      That’s so cool you worked for the World Health Organization! What was it like? When I get my medical degree I hope to find some worthwhile nonprofit to provide medical services areas of the world who don’t really get them.

  2. Ah, Maine. I love Maine — my family has a house on Mount Dessert Island, and I go up as often as I can. Love the place, but I do understand wanting to be somewhere else. The header on my blog is from MDI.

    WHO was cool. Committed folks trying to save the world. Of course, folks who are trying to save the world are (1) nice and (2) idealistic. and (3) impractical!

    I clicked “follow” so I can see what you’re up to! Nice chatting with you, Elyse.

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