Shenandoah National Park

Last weekend I took a break from Montana to go visit my boyfriend in Virginia. I hopped on a plane ridiculously early in the morning, leaving behind  a snowstorm, and stepped off the plane in Virginia to 90 degree weather and 40% humidity. Needless to say, quite the temperature change.

Luckily we we got to escape up to the mountains where it was slightly cooler (after getting a huge sushi meal of course. There aren’t really any sushi places in Montana.). We spent the weekend hiking around Shenandoah National Park with Stephen’s family.

Shenandoah is located in the Blue Mountains. All the carbon dioxide from the trees makes the surrounding air appear a hazy blue. Our first hike of the trip was rather hot and sticky, but gave us great views.

We checked in our hotel for a bit and waited for cooler weather. In the afternoon we went and frolicked in big medows. We met some friends there as well.

Next day we got up relatively early (before 9) and went for a hike down dark hallows falls trail. Stephen and I had taken a picture in front of the falls over 3 years ago, so it was kinda cool to get a picture of us years later. I also snapped a cool butterfly picture.

We hiked other trails that day. But the finale to our day was to watch the sunset over the mountains. 

And to top the whole weekend off, Stephen’s family got some new kittens that I got to play with. I had come up with the idea of naming them Merry and Pippin (cause what else would you name two tiny curious creatures), and to my surprise they decided to name them after the hobbits!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more Montana Adventures soon.


One thought on “Shenandoah National Park

  1. It must have been a shock to get off the plane & have quite a temperature change! The pictures are gorgeous. I love the waterfalls.

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