So about 3 weekends ago (I know long time ago, but between moving and the GRE this is the first I have gotten to post about it) some town friends and I spent the day together searching for gold. It was a gorgeous day outside, in the mid 70’s, and Artha wanted to go searching for treasure. Her husband Jim packed up his panning equipment, Artha brought their metal detector, and we packed a picnic and headed up to Comet to go search for treasure. Alisha brought her dog Brady along for the ride, and I had a blast with my (at the time) new camera taking pictures.

Comet is another ghost town in the area. Established in 1876, the town experienced slow growth until a second ore boom in the 1880’s thanks to a new ore smelter built in Wickes 6 miles away (this is another ghost town in Jefferson County), and a new railroad branch to Helena. At it’s peak the town housed about 300 people, a school house with 20 school kids, and 20 saloons. Just how they were able to support that many saloons is baffling. Perhaps they had a lot of seasonal workers. Comet turned out to be a short lived town, with ore playing out in the early 1900’s. By 1913 the once prosperous town had become a ghost town.

In the 1920’s the mines were purchased by a new company, who invested heavily in the town. They built a 200 steel concentrator which was said to be the most advanced building at the time in Montana. It became the second largest mining operation in Montana, second only to Butte. Mining continued until 1941, at which time much of the equipment was sold off. People moved away again. To this day Comet remains a ghost town.

Failing to find any lost rings in Comet, we continued into the mountains until we found an old cabin. Artha brought her metal detector searching for more treasures. Unfortunately she had no luck that day. But we had a nice picnic outside, and I snapped some nice pictures.

That’s all for now. I’m taking a mini road trip with some friends this weekend. Hopefully I can get that blog up within the week.


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