St. Patty’s Day in Butte

I spent part of St. Patrick’s Day in Butte. Butte is like the west coast Boston when it comes to Irish Pride; the large Irish population is due to the mining history of the town. Butte has quite the reputation for being the wildest party around on St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not usually one large groups of people with large amounts of booze, but I’d been told by a few coworkers that I should go there for the experience. It also happened to be a fellow VISTA’s birthday and there was a party with cake involved, so I decided to go down for a few hours.

I was nervous about parallel parking mom’s SUV, since I’m used to driving my tiny Echo, so I drove around for a bit trying to find a parking spot I could pull into. I finally worked up the nerve to parallel park, and pulling up to a spot put on my blinker. Unfortunately the jerk following pulled right up behind me, thereby not allowing me to back into the spot. After several awkward minutes of inching backward trying to give them the message that I was trying to take that spot, I finally gave up and continued to drive. Which worked out well for me as I found a much larger parking spot later. That helped me resist the urge not to key their car as I walked by to find them parked in the spot I was trying to take.

Most of Uptown Butte was swarming with people in various states of drunkeness and green decor. We walked by a girl waving a sign saying “Jesus Loves Titties”, several people falling down drunk (at 2 pm none the less), someone handing out jello shots (apparently people haven’t heard of rohypnol), and several people in green wigs. I would assume the open liquor prohibition isn’t really enforced on St. Patty’s Day as several people walking around were working on a beer, or three. The M&M bar is supposedly the place everyone goes on St. Patty’s Day. I really don’t like squeezing into bars overpacked with people so I didn’t go in. This picture also gives you an idea of the amount of people on the streets. I took this picture around 2. By 6 pm there were people dancing in the middle of the street.

We went to a new distillery in town Headframe Spirits that produces a cream bourbon called Orphan Girl. They mixed it with rootbeer to make a Dirty Girl cocktail. It tasted just like a root beer float. Hungry at this point we decided to get some pizza at Trumbo’s. Also really tasty, and thankfully the business was devoid of people (Thank God). I apologize for Nicole’s lack of class in this photo. Sheila (the birthday girl) is furthest right. Allison is the blonde, and Stefani is the other girl.

The guy is my coworker Sam. He broke is collarbone a few weeks ago snowboarding, and had surgery last week. So he was a little out on pain meds (but he wasn’t drinking).

We went out to a few more bars. I was looking for a green beer, which I’ve been told is the thing to get St. Patty’s Day. But after 2 or 3 bars I decided to settle for a Green Apple Martini (it counts right?).The last bar I visited we met up with 15 or so VISTA’s including my leader Jared. He was wearing some sorta green linen dress, like one you would have expected a girl scout leader to wear back in the day, and chopped off the bottom to look like a kilt. There was also many drunk people in the bar taking turns cheering, and singing America the Beautiful or The Star Spangled Banner. I’m not really sure what American songs have to do with Irish Pride. I mean I’m all for singing rowdy songs when drunk, but at least make them celtic drinking songs or something 😛

We went back to another VISTA’s abode from cake and cookies. I had to leave afterword for two reason. First I was taking my final on Sunday, and was not going to be spending all night partying. And second, I was heading off to my other event, drumming at the Sunshine Mine.

A member of a community group I’m apart of had invited all of us up to her business, a radon health mine for some dessert and drumming sessions. There are several health mines in the area. These mines are old diggings that radon from the mountain seeps into. Somewhere along the way people have discovered that the radon in these mines (which is several hundred times the levels allowed in a home) tend to cure aches and pains and various other ailments. Boulder has 3 of these mines in the area, and people come from all over the globe to stay a week on campus, and sitting several hours a day in the mines. But science aside the mines make a great drumming place.

So I drummed with a couple of community members for a few hours (Sorry Uncle Doug), before heading home. Here’s a few pictures I took inside.

So I’m going to Yellowstone this weekend. Stay tuned for more!


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