On Montana Snow

We’ve gotten quite a few snowstorms here in Montana over the last month. In the past I have hated snow, for all the times I’ve had to move heavy shovelful after heavy shovelful out of the driveway. More often than not it was mostly my job as my brother would come up with more and more excuses to avoid having to do this laborious chore (seriously how many times can you “misplace” your snowpants). Even when we were blessed with a snowday, we would still have to help shovel our parents out so they could go to work, robbing us of the extra sleep so blissfully enjoyed by my friends. The past few years I have retreated from the snow and gone to school in warmer climates, where for most of the winter I would be in the much milder climates. So you can imagine my dread at returning to live in a northern state again.

Montanan snow is a curious thing. We’ll get hit with a huge snowstorm dropping 5-6 inches on us, and than less than 2 days later it’s all gone. And not because it has melted, but it just seems to disappear.

I didn’t understand where all the snow went. It was like it all just stood up and got the hell outta dodge. It wasn’t until we had a snowstorm during my work day that I realized what was happening. We were getting hit with a pretty heavy storm, one that made it impossible to see on the other side main street. But I could see see the fallen snow blowing across the ground like a river of snow. Because of Boulder’s elevation, all of the snow is light and powdery and blows away easily in the wind.

So I’ve been busy they last couple of weekends. Last weekend I went to Bozeman to visit another Vista and visit the town. They had a christmas stroll on friday night that we walked downtown to. There were a whole bunch of vendors selling fried dough, smores and other tasty treats (really wished I wasn’t on a VISTA salary then). On the drive back from Bozeman I saw some pretty views of snowstorms coming over mountains.

This weekend Boulder had it’s xmas celebration with lights and a hayride. We had great fun belting out christmas carols (the ones which we could remember) at passerbys. Afterwords we enjoyed hot cocoa and chili in the town hall and split a cake. There were a ton of people there so it was great fun.


2 thoughts on “On Montana Snow

  1. So you’re not getting the mild early winter we’re having here in southern France. We should by now be having very sharp frosts, maybe snow. But nope…… T shirts every afternoon. It can’t last.

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