Glacier Take II

Hello Again!

Man I’m excited to be at this again. Thanks to mom I will know have internet in my home, that won’t be so schizophrenic. I never really realized how connected I was to the internet, but it is really hard to keep up on blogs, finish online classes, and do research on physician assistant schools without it. It also amazed me was the number of people in boulder who didn’t understand my frustrations at all. Besides the online classes they didn’t understand why I would need it for doing more than checking my email. I guess that’s just another example of how much slower life here is.

So last weekend I went up to Kalispell again for the three day weekend. Craig had mentioned that the fall was quite beautiful in the fall. And I have to agree…..when the clouds aren’t covering the entire sky like a fleece blanket.

Saturday Craig and I hiked the Autumn Creek Trail. We hoped to run into some elk bugling, as they mate this time of year. On the drive over we stopped at Goat Lick Rock, where Mt. Goats like to come down to get some needed salt for their diet. No Goats were present. There was a cool railroad bridge over by the rock as well.

We tried to find one head of the trail, and got a little lost. But we found these magnificent views.                                                               So failing to find the trail head we wanted, we drove up to the more well known trailhead. We had some wonderful views of the eastern side of glacier. Unfortunately no elk, or really any wildlife besides sparrows to speak of.

Shortly after seeing the Grizzly Track we decided to turn back to avoid any potentially scary moments. Next day we woke to see Kalispell covered in a sea of mist. I felt like a lone island in an ocean of mist.                                            We tried to go grouse hunting, while searching for wild mushrooms. We had not luck doing either of course. This weekend turned out not to be very productive as far as getting stuff done we planned, but it was nice get away weekend.

One more picture of Salmon Lake on the way to Glacier. I love this little lake with the windy road next to it.                                                 





2 thoughts on “Glacier Take II

  1. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Reminds us all about how much there is to see in this great country of ours. BUT before I see more of this country I am heading off to Budapest, Hungary to visit Jacob. One of the very popular things to do in Hungary is visit the hot baths which are everywhere (apparently Hungary sits atop a vast pool of magma so there are plenty of hot springs). You can choose naked baths or swimsuit baths. I choose swimsuit!


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