So what I’ve been up to

So……Still no internet. The landlord can’t figure it out, but I think Montana just hates me right now. So i’m going to start posting what I’ve been doing, and everyone will have to just be patient with me as I post things without pictures. I’m currently using the internet at the local coffee shop, which means I run home immediately from work to get on 1-2 hours in which time I have to work on my online classes, check email, and talk with my friends.

The Weekend of the 27th I did a lot of traveling around. Saturday morning I worked at the Jefferson County Fair trying to spread word about our project. As soon as I could I drove to Missoula to check out the River Roots Music Festival. The Festival takes place in downtown Missoula all weekend, and has great music (and beer), while focusing on local products and sustainability. I was really excited because The Jason Spooner Trio from Portland Maine was playing. Unfortunately I only caught about half of their performance because I got out later from the fair, and there was a rollover on the highway over (thankfully no one was hurt), but they were excellent from what I did catch.

Later that evening a bunch of us VISTA’s went floating down the river. This is a common activity for young adults (mostly college students) and is quite relaxing. You simply grab a bunch of friends and inner tubes, and float down the river (usually toting beer). One group we saw was all decked out with a music player and someone in a row boat to pull them along. We had a nice relaxing time……until our drivers lost their keys in the river.

The next couple hours were spent waiting outside Courtney’s house in our bathing suits, while the one driver who managed to hold on to her key drove the other two drivers back to their cars to try to get into them. Long story short ~ 3 hours later we finally all had our respective cars back with spare keys and regular clothes.

Starving we headed back into the Roots Festival to get some food, and catch the last bit of Leftover Salmon. The band is a cool fusion of rock, county, and bluegrass.

The VISTA gang than decided to bar hop some. I never went to bars in school, preferirng instead to head  Since I was not into dancing in tight places with tons of strangers around I kept mostly to myself. Apparently a single female by herself invites lots of drinks from strangers. I ended up turning in early, but the experience was eye opening nonetheless.

Pictures up later, along with the rest of what I’ve been doing.


3 thoughts on “So what I’ve been up to

  1. If it’s any help, Elyse, I often have to use public internet facilities when in the UK – so I can’t use any of my own pictures. It’s amazing how many copyright-free pictures are available to illustrate what I’m writing about, downloadable from the net. Glad you’re keeping the blog up, pictures or no pictures!

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