Technical Difficulties

So just giving everyone an update. I have not quit writing, but the internet at my place of residence has not been working for close to 2 weeks now, and with my internet classes I’ve been spending what little time I get with internet at the local coffee shop on them instead of the blog. I’m hoping that the internet will be fixed this week, and hopefully next week sometime between my various meetings with the public I can update you all what I’m doing.

In the meantime I’ll entertain you all with a funny story. So our county vehicle is a stick, which up till now I’ve never had the opportunity (or curse) to learn. The past month or so I’ve gone out half a dozen times with coworkers to practice driving. Last week I decided that I would go out for the first time by myself. I went through a lot of the back roads and was doing fine stopping and starting, so I decided to try the big hill by the gas pump.

Well there were a ton of people there, and between waiting for traffic and stalling, I got stuck a good 30 minutes at the pump. I had three or four people ask what was wrong with the car, and when I told them I had overestimated my ability to drive the stick, they laughed and wished me luck.

Than one of the local cops comes across me struggling to drive the car. He walks over and I explain to him what was going on. He was really nice, but tells me that since I’ve been struggling to get over the hill the last 10 minutes he thinks that he should have someone else drive the car back to the department. He had a passenger in his car drive the car back to the department, and than offers to teach me later. I than got to explain to the rest of the department why I had Officer Dusty escorting me back to the department. Long story short, I HATE STICK SHIFTS.



3 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Love this story! When I first drove a stick shift, I took Grammy shopping and she said I gave her whiplash on her kidneys. Never could do it!

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