The Loooooooooooonnnnnngggggg Haul

(so this is a day behind due to lack of internet sunday night. this all happened monday.)

Today we had a LONG roadtrip to reach Urbanville Iowa. The drive was about 9 hours w/ an extra hour due to an extremely slow Wendy’s. During the drive we finally started to see some different scenery than we are used to on the east coast. Huge corn farms started popping up, and the land flattened out. So far no amber waves of grain, but plenty of corn. It’s was amazing how much corn we grow in this country. Seemed 4/5 farms we drove past were growing corn.

Also along the road we started to see a few wind turbines. To give you an idea of how big the are, we saw one “blade” being carried by a wide load tractor trailer truck. About midmorning we hit a huge thinderstorm. Rains pelted us with hurricane like ferocity. The wind folded over a road sign, and blew the roof off a building we passed. Traffic slowed down to 15 mph due to the lack of visibility

We also passed two more halls of fame; the RV hall of Fame, and the College Football Hall of Fame. We passed the World’s Largest Truck Stop, The IOWA 80, that has parking for 800 trucks. We also drove by Ronald Regan’s Birthplace. And we crossed the Mississippi River today.

At the Hotel we had a few laughs. Somehow my mom’s name got added onto both hotel rewards cards, and my aunt’s name got taken off her and her husband’s card. We joked about Uncle Doug’s harem & the trip to Myrtle Beach where he and mom got Strep Throat but not my Aunt.

Another long drive tomorrow awaits.


2 thoughts on “The Loooooooooooonnnnnngggggg Haul

  1. You Americans are so cool! ‘The wind folded over a road sign, and blew the roof off a building we passed.’. If I saw that in Europe, I’d have probably written an entire blog about it. You? Half a sentence!

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