All packed and ready to go

Traveling back and forth from maine to virgina throughout college, you would think that I would be a light packer by now. Unfortunately for me I have not mastered this skill, which always leads to frantic last minute bags of stuff, and hours of 3D tetris in my car (which I am amazing at btw). As I finished packing it finally hit me. I’m leaving, for a really really long time.

This thought has been hiding in the back of my head the past week, as I stuffed most of my time with old friends who I’ve missed while in Virginia, but hadn’t really hit me until 20 minutes ago. I’ve spent 4 years convincing myself that I hate Maine (ok the snow in Maine), and I never want to stay here, yet for some reason I’m sad about leaving tomorrow. When I first came back to Maine at the beginning of this week, while driving through portland, I realized how much I had missed the ocean. The smell of it, the sight of it, and yes even the bone numbing cold of it. I missed Portland, and all it of it’s variety it has to offer. Now a barely a week after coming back to everything, I feel like I’m losing it all again.

However, I am also very excited for the year to come. I get to take an amazing road trip with my mom, aunt, and uncle, and spend a year exploring a completely new world to me. I have no idea what to expect from the places I go to, the people I meet, or what I may find out in the west. I’m sure it will be strange to get used to the slower pace of the midwest, but perhaps this is a year I need. To recharge my school batteries, and plan my next stage in my schooling.

Montana! Get ready for this Maineac!


3 thoughts on “All packed and ready to go

  1. Don’t forget that half of our car is packed with your stuff, too!! Really looking forward to this adventure trip with you. See you tomorrow in Ohio! Montana – here we come!

  2. Even though I’ve already said this several times, I’ll miss you!!! 😥 I’m also glad to hear you finally liked Maine again. It didn’t sound that bad to me, except for the cold. I would hate the cold. Unless there were penguins there, then it would be bearable. 😀

    And at least you pack lighter than I do…remember all the stuff I had? Haha, thanks for helping me all those years! Have a fun roadtrip! 🙂

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